The Journey seeks to invite you, along with a fellow group of travelers, into a personal exploration of three primary questions in your life: Who is God? Who am I? What does God desire to do through me? These are questions we never grow out of—in reality, we grow into them along the way of following Jesus. This six month process uniquely integrates leadership development, discipleship, and spiritual formation in a holistic, relationship-based style.

Contact or 562-272-4969 for details and to join!

Stage 1: Biblical Foundations

This stage invites us into an exploration and appreciation of Scripture’s transforming role for a lifetime of growth and service.
• Session Titles
Session 1: An Invitation to Discover
Session 2: Developing a Biblical Foundation
Session 3: Participating in God’s General Call
Session 4: Understanding God’s Specific Call
Session 5: Paying Attention to Character
Session 6: Exploring Our Values
Session 7: Developing a Personal Biblical Mandate
• Additional Text: In the Name of Jesus by Henri Nouwen
• Bible Reading: Luke 1-9*
• A spiritual mentoring relationship

Stage 2: Personal Foundations

This stage invites us to take inventory of our life story, recognizing God’s already present work along the way.
• Session Titles
Session 1: A Lifelong Shaping
Session 2: A Narrative Approach
Session 3: Our Sovereign Foundations
Session 4: Preparation: An Invitation to Growth & HolinessSession 5: Challenges to Growth & Influence
Session 6: Writing Our Narratives
Session 7: Sharing Our Narratives
• Additional Text: The Gift of Being Yourself by David Benner
• Bible Reading: Selected Psalms (103, 46, 139, 32, 51, 107, 40)

Stage 3: Relational Foundations

This stage invites us to see the importance of relationships in our lives as a necessity in how we are formed into people of integrity, compassion, and influence.
• Session Titles
Session 1: Soul Work: Our Need for Others
Session 2: Imitating Jesus’ Way of Life
Session 3: Walking with Others
Session 4: Serving Together*
Session 5: A Shared Meal
Session 6: A Spiritual Mentoring Relationship (Part I)
Session 7: A Spiritual Mentoring Relationship (Part II)
Session 8: Wrapping It Up
• Additional Text: The Walk by Michael Card
• Bible Reading: Luke 10-24
• An Intentional Spiritual Conversation
•StrengthsFinder Assessment debriefing in Session 4
(Living Your Strengths by Winseman, Clifton, and Liesveld)
• Session 8 updates
-My Journey Response Paper in Session 8
-Crafting individual blessings for fellow travelers

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