The Compton Initiative exists to partner with other entities (churches, business, community residents) to bring restoration and hope to the community of Compton.  The Compton Initiative is a 40 year commitment that includes a thousand acts of service (one day at a time), that will assist in the transformation of the community of Compton.

Compton is changing; for the good. But it hasn’t always been that way. Compton is notorious for its athletes and rappers, but also for its crime and poverty.
In 2005, our church in Paramount had a vision of seeing healing come to its neighboring city of Compton. Paramount too has struggled in the past, but it has now been called a “beacon of light” by the President. Some of this can be attributed to the JustDoGood program. The colors at the Compton work day are not new; rather they are an overflow from the beauty and wholeness that has been brought to Paramount.
The change in Compton is not just due to the overflow of Paramount however, it is an outpouring from the hearts of the people right in Compton who love their city. The mayor, city council, local businesses, civic and religious organizations have partnered together to form one united-yellow-shirted force for change in Compton.
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