We believe all of us need a deep connection to Jesus — who he is, how much he loves us and the way of life he calls us to.  We believe every one of us needs a deep connection to people who understand us and will encourage us to become everything God intended us to be.  We believe every one us needs a deep connection to a sense of purpose, destiny, and the mission of God to build his Kingdom by bringing heaven to earth.


College and Young Adults meet on Thursday nights at 7 PM in the Fellowship Hall for worship, a short teaching and small groups.

(15941 Virginia Ave., Paramount, CA)


Why call it SEVEN?

Well, we meet at 7 on Thursdays and we’re trying to connect people to 7 meaningful relationships with their peers, so we thought we’d keep it simple and just call it: SEVEN.

For more information or help getting connected, please contact C.J. Newendorp (; 562-272-4034) or fill out the form.

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