Blessed to Be a Blessing

“These prayers were offered at the morning worship service of the Emmanuel Reformed Church of Paramount, a mission outpost I have loved and served for 44 years.

These prayers were never offered with the thought of their ever being published. Some of the leaders convinced me to let them be published with the assurance that every penny gained from this venture be invested in developing leaders for the Kingdom Harvest.

For decades I have felt that those training for the gospel ministry needed on-the-job-training while attending seminary. Over sixty persons have had approximately four years of “in-ministry-formation” for a total for 240 years of experience. This method has lead many persons to discover that their gifts were better suited for other vocations. I hope these prayers will be of some KINGDOM use-value.”

-Pastor Harold Korver

All proceeds from book sales go to support:

“the Harold & Shirley Korver Leadership Development Fund

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