Our Mission & Values

By God’s grace:
• Every person will know they are loved by God and called into a transformational relationship with Him.
• Every marriage will be strengthened, every single person honored, and every child raised with a sense of destiny.
• Every neighborhood will have a community of Christ-followers who exist to serve it.
• Every city will have churches who will give their lives to see it look like heaven.

Our Values are better known as missional motives: shared convictions that guide the actions and reveal the strength of the church.

Our Story

Wide Embrace

Life Transformation

Leadership Development

City Transformation

Missional Marks describe what kind of person we hope that people become by being part of Emmanuel Reformed Church. Our mission as a church is a failure if we change the world but do not change ourselves. Our goal is that these marks will characterize, in increasing measure, those who lead our church.

Radically Generous

Deeply Humble

Faithfully Persevering

Gladly Merciful

Genuinely Encouraging

Utterly Whole